24-Hour Mobile First-Aid Response

Thousands Of Satisfied Customers...Including:

"All of our cases to date

have remained 


“Their First Aid response saved us thousands of dollars in costs. When a worker received a small cut, something in his/her eyes, or even small burns, On-Site would respond within an hour to the job site where the individual was injured... all of our cases to date have remained First Aids, and the negative effects of the injuries have been kept to a minimum.”

"Saved us thousands"


Dispatched Service

ON-SITE HEALTH & SAFETY is a 24-hour provider of essential health and safety services. Certain services can be better performed at the worksite, instead of an off-site facility.

Areas Served 


California | Arizona | Florida -- Central - South| Washington | Nevada | Oregon

How It Works:

1. On-Site Dispatcher takes call

2. Field Tech is dispatched

3. Field Tech arrives at jobsite

4. Field Tech assesses worker's injury

5. Field Tech generates First-Aid report

6. On-Site follows up with phone call

You Call For Service

"On-Site’s services are the foundation to our post incident response. They’re the first call we make in non-life threatening events. The training services they offer are a complement to our already very extensive in house training programs. On-Site picks up what we miss or we use them to add to what we already have. Thanks for being there all these years."

Wesley Baker

North West Regional EHS Manager

"First call we make"


Percentage That 

Remained First Aid!


Total Injuries On-Site Health & Safety Responded to 

in a Recent Year:

Our Success Rate:

So How Does Our First-Aid Response Stack Up To Traditional Injury Response Methods?

With appropriate care given on site, everyone benefits: 

employees, employers, and the workers comp system as a whole.

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Don’t take a chance on the time consuming and costly methods. 

Go with what works! Appropriate care given by highly trained technicians

at your worksite…dispatched 24-Hours a day.

For a full description and listing of services log on to: www.OnsiteHealthandSafety.com

Simply put…prompt first aid response works!